Aikido its history and its techniques


Aikido is a type of martial arts originated from Japan. This form of martial arts was founded by Morihei Ueshiba. Ueshiba is known to be a great teacher of martial arts. Ueshiba was born to a rich landowner and a political leader in the year 1883 at Tanabe, Wakayama in Japan. His parents encouraged him to learn martial arts at a very young age. He founded Aikido in the late 1920s. He began this kind of martial arts after learning various other forms of martial arts in the past. In short, Aikido is a combination of different martial arts put together. You can find here below the meaning of the martial art ‘Aikido’ and how the name has been formed by Ueshiba.

The main word ‘AIKIDO’ is formed by using three ‘kanji’, like for example –
• ‘AI’ stands for joining, combining, unifying and fitness.
• ‘KI’ stands for spirit, mood, energy and morale while
• ‘DO’ stand for the way, path.

There are many resources on the internet which give Aikido information and advice on Aikido techniques and philosophy .

Aikido can be performed by anyone, males as well as females. It has also been discovered that practicing Aikido can help in reducing stress. Most of us get stressed out after a hard day at work or even at home. The interesting part regarding stress is that its side effects can, not only be addictive but also insidious. Stress cannot be ignored or avoided. This form of martial arts includes breathing exercises, the unification of our mind and body etc. This form of martial arts requires regular practice.

Aikido competitions take place across the globe. The main technique while practicing Aikido is a defense during attacks. While training with a partner, you must be able to learn the art of delivering different types of attacks.
There are many techniques of Aikido practice. Some of the main techniques are Front of the head strike, Side of the head strike, Chest thrust and Face thrust. For beginners they are usually thought with the following basic techniques such as Single hand grab, both hands grab, Shoulder grab, Chest grab etc.